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Exercise and Wellness resources

Nutrition resources

  • (Research-backed supplements from a fellow who is committed to achieving immortality using all methods possible, including nutritional approaches. I suggest the comprehensive 'Longevity Multipack', 'Anti-aging Multipack', and 'Juice complex')
  • Benefits of calorie restriction and resveratrol (new evidence it prevents disease and aging)
  • (the best organic and marine stewardship council certified natural foods available)
  • (vegan activism and free vegetarian starter kit - good from an informational and animal rights standpoint, but I don't support strict veganism from a nutritional standpoint due to its pitfalls)
  • Vitamin Research Products (research-backed supplement company with wide selection of products)
  • Vitacost (the affordable "Walmart" of supplements, with a wide selection of very affordably priced products)
  • Life Extension anti-aging (authority on nutrition, health and wellness as well as a provider of scientific information on anti-aging supplements)
  • (emulate the longest lived people on the planet)
  • (vegetarian and vegan resources - good from an informational and animal rights standpoint, however I don't support fully vegan lifestyles (especially for children) due to the difficulty in adherence and the various hormonal and other health issues that eventually crop up over longer spans of time)
  • Arthur's Smoothies (the Green smoothie's the best)
  • Bomdia Acai smoothies
  • Zola Acai smoothies (buy by the case of 12)

Psychological resources

  • (I suggest recordings from 'The Secret' series, and also 'Guided Meditation')
  • Isabella Valentine guided hypnosis sessions (including erotic ones) (I suggest these amazing, long, immersive hypnosis recordings for those not seeking erotic or sexual-themed fantasy scenarios: Lucid Matrix, Negative Infinity, Glass Whispers, and Qrystal)
  • MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)
  • (meditation inducing recordings featuring bells and water)
  • Neuro Programmer (custom program your brainwaves. Very powerful and useful program)
  • EROWID (A continuously updated, comprehensive reference site documenting what to expect from all the different recreational, mind-altering psychoactive chemicals or drugs, natural or man-made. Includes multiple detailed experience reports from users for each substance)
  • CES Ultra (electrical brain stimulation device to assist in alleviating depression, anxiety, dysthymia, and insomnia as effectively as many drugs)
  • Modafinil (reverses effects of sleep deprivation and more)
  • (psychological tests & recommendations)

Social resources

  • Top Dating Tips (Free. very comprehensive)
  • (Free and popular. Easily keep in touch with everyone and find old friends)
  • (Free. Debate and discuss heavier topics such as politics, religion, international news, and other important issues in depth. Get a serious mind workout!)
  • Fetlife (Free. A "Facebook for kinky people"" type of site for Adults only, who are interested in alternative lifestyles such as polyamory, BDSM & fetish)
  • (A consistently top rated dating site for those serious about finding someone very compatible!)
  • (Meet local people online for friendship, dating)

Work resources

  • WWOOFing - a really unique global-yet-grassroots program where you gain experience working on organic farms for a period of time, in return for shelter, food, and knowledge!
  • Workopolis
  • (work/career oriented social network)
  • Got any more ideas for this section? It's not my forte.

Enjoy sifting through the mountain of interesting information! If you have any suggestions of other sites I should add, feel free to contact me. I'll be adding more every once in a while.

This handy custom search box you'll see on each page of my site only searches sites I personally trust and use regularly for health and vitality information & products, such as the best ones found here on my "References" page:


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