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Erin - photo at the Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland

About Erin

Im a free spirited Canadian citizen living west of the Greater Toronto Area in Kitchener, Ontario, and currently employed as a User Experience Specialist in the digital strategy and support department of a large financial services corporation.

My personality type is INTJ - I'm very logical, introverted, confident, practical, always seeking to improve things or make them more efficient, good natured, resilient, and I see the big picture in many shades of grey.

My interests are rather wide-ranging and include: health and wellness, transhumanism, environmentalism/sustainability, self sufficiency, technology, solar and alternative energy, natural horsemanship, world travel, current events/politics, indie and foreign film (I'm a huge movie buff! David Cronenberg is one of my favourite directors), permaculture, edible landscaping, gardening and mycology, entheogens, architecture, photography, creative writing, hard science fiction, speculative fiction, art, and the future.

I am fluent in English, know basic French, and am gradually working on becoming fluently trilingual in English, French and Spanish. I use both Mac and Windows computers. My laptop is an Apple MacBook Pro. At my side can always be found my trusty iPhone.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to compare notes or ask a question! Email is the best way to reach me. It's always a pleasure conversing with people intent on making their lives and the world a better place.

My favourite inspiring mottos are:

"Be the change you want to see in the world" by Gandhi.

"Live simply so others can simply live"




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