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Erin - photo at the Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland


I've decided to devote my site to helping you attain optimum health, vitality, and longevity, and a truly great lifestyle. It contains my lifetime of research and experience regarding the best and most effective diet, exercise, and powerful health improvement tips. I live what I preach, and am sharing what I do in my day to day life to remain vital, healthy, and radiant.

Since my teen years I've been reading about health and nutrition, and sometimes even experimenting on myself with herbal or natural remedies, both home-made and store bought. Most recently, I've come across interesting technologies like mind machines and binaural recordings and have tried them out to see how effective they are. I've also tried some nootropic pharmaceuticals and entheogens. Today, the distillation of my ongoing journey to find the keys to wellbeing, anti-aging, longevity and increased healthspan are presented to you in the tidy sections on the left of this page. I also include a full page of references if you want to dig into the detailed reading from which I've formulated my advice, and view the scientific studies. My current self-experiment is I'm taking Carbon 60 buckyballs dissolved in olive oil, which in a recent lab experiment in Europe doubled the lifespan of rats, perhaps by becoming part of the cell membrane or mitochondrial membrane and acting as a superantioxidant. There are many other studies relating to other benefits of C60 fullerenes as well. No ill effects have been felt so far! :)

A great society and world can only be built if its smallest pieces, its people, are sound, healthy, and able. This web page is my attempt to contribute to the greatness, happiness, and ability of not only you, but all mankind. If you find it useful, please do spread the word.


To your everlasting health and happiness,


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